French education abroad – testimonies

Students, alumni, staff and parents of the AEFE network have the word! Through their experiences and perspectives, witnesses share what they see as the strengths of the AEFE network, with its 540 schools in 138 countries bringing together more than 365,000 students, and the strengths of the French education system, which contributes to France’s influence …

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Week 10 – Distance learning at collège and lycée

Due to the new recommendations from Smittskydd Stockholm, teaching will take place at a distance for students in collège and lycée, from March 8 to March 12, 2021. Students in élémentaire will continue with classes at school. Best regards, Aurélien LOYSON Proviseur / Headmaster

Headmaster’s Message – Winter vacation

Please find the Headmaster’s message below, as well as information about the coming class councils, the School Year Calendar for 2021-2022 and School Vacations 2021-2022. Headmaster’s Message – Winter VacationConseils de classe 2ème trimestre 2020-2021 (in French)Calendrier scolaire 2021-2022 (in French)Congés scolaires 2021-2022 (in French)

Creative Book Projects

English literature students in 6ème and 5ème have recently been working on creative book projects around a book or author of their choice.Once the projects were completed, the students presented the results to the whole class. They showed a lot of creativity ! Here are a few examples and illustrations of the different projects: • …

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