The Contruction of a New Municipal Preschool Starts

Message to all concerned within the LFSL foundation (families, students, children and staff) We have received information from SISAB regarding future work to build a new municipal preschool. The work with the construction of the new preschool, which will replace the old one located on Essingestråket 24, will begin on 1 December 2020. This new …

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CM2-6ème project: Meeting with Comic Book Author Emilie Plateau

LFSL had the pleasure of receiving Emilie Plateau, illustrator and comic book author, at the school from 3 to 6 November. Each class in CM2 spent a full day with the artist explaining the process of creating a comic book, then all students tried this difficult exercise on their own in workshops led by Emelie …

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COVID-19 – Distance Learning for High School Students

Message from the Headmaster We have just received the information that a high school student has tested positive for Covid-19. As a precaution, high school students will be on distance learning from tomorrow morning until further notice. A meeting will be held tomorrow to determine the measures that will be put in place in the …

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For information, an exchange and a minute of silence will take place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 at 9.45 for the entire school community as a homage to our colleague from France. Time for discussions about freedom and the role of the school is planned during the week.